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Compare that to what the windows people who had bought an OS as a product and didn't want a service, what did they get? And this story is about that one time where they lied in a bunch of different ways to take control of their customers' computers.

So that's the whole point; they don't control every aspect. But sometimes they try to. The power of a software proprietor won't be deterred by a few lawsuits or fines. You read it in Microsoft's response, their "listening systems" tell them things, things their users can't help but divulge as long as they are running Microsoft's software.

This is what proprietors do because they control the software their users run and their users no matter how long they've run the software, no matter how well they keep up with what configuration options are available Fucking pc charge shit software no match for source code kept hidde.

Oh please stop with the "source equals security" bullshit which is trivially proven false, ready? You have the source, kindly list for us the vulnerabilities in the Linux networking stack How about any lousy code in the audio stacks? Fucking pc charge shit software you HAVE vetted the code, yes? The "source equals security" fallacy is a fallacy of assumption, you assume because the code is there someone has done the work for you and vetted these millions of lines of code with zero actual evidence that it has actually occurred and in fact vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, Bash weaknesses that have sat there for years [techrepublic.

I think Windows 10 is a giant POS where the only thing that runs reliably is its baked in spyware which makes it similar to Android so if Nutella is trying to copy Google? Mission accomplished. Fucking pc charge shit software you have ZERO EVIDENCE that the bazillion coders that make up the hodge podge of software that is perdiendo peso together to form a Linux OS hasn't fucked you just as hard because nobody has vetted the entire stack and in fact unlike Windows vetting a Linux OS would be impossible as unlike Windows where one version is supported for a decade before you even got the vetting done the pieces would have had 3 or 4 revisions!

So I'm sorry but the only fool is you. I have provided links showing that source equals se. It is only final until Fucking pc charge shit software next new top manager decides to monetize Windows in a different way.

Give it years, and they'll be back to 'normal' releases. You missed something important: They don't have to do it again. Windows 10 is the final version of Windows. With more and more business and office applications going online, or locally hosted instead of locally installed, the OS lock-in becomes less and less.

If PC vendors and Google got their shit together, this could indeed be the final version of Windows, and new PCs have a business friendly offshoot of Android or other OS. Not that anything Android-based would be an improvement for privacy, but it wouldn't be Windows. This guy doesn't regret pushing the updates -- what he regrets is causing a tidal wave of tech support issues. No, he meant what he said by " But although he implied that he meant "from the end user's computer security perspective", actually he means "from a Microsoft's future financial security perspective".

Fucking pc charge shit software does include data harvesting, as you point out. But also Win10 is the path to the OS on a subscription model. I am running El Capitan on my Macbook pro, yet sitting in the Applications folder is a 4.

Sure you authorized it. When you clicked on those 10 page EULAs sometime in the past, you most certainly allowed Apple to do what they did. My iPhone with iOS 9.

If I delete it, it'll just re-download it next time there's another update. The core of the problem is capitalism. Microsoft needs to maintain a certain Fucking pc charge shit software of sales to keep their profit margins. Since an operating system is really something that does NOT need to be replaced every year let's Fucking pc charge shit software it, there's no reason windows XP needed to be replaced--or at least not with an equally buggy pile of shit codethe only solution is planned obsolescence.

Fucking pc charge shit software refusing to properly address security issues in the core of the operating system, Microsoft has only to stop supporting the older releases to scare everyone into updating. It is the danger of a combined overreaching IP system, that extends copyright Adelgazar 30 kilos too far, and abusive monopoly powers.

If Windows XP was out of copyright, you can bet that an entire industry would spring up right now to patch and maintain it, and it would be extremely profitable. This is yet another great example of where reduced copyright terms would drive innovation. Even if all the major bugs Fucking pc charge shit software worked out of Win10 say, SP or soI really don't expect Win10 to EVER lose the taint that Microsoft's deployment of it, in Fucking pc charge shit software eyes of all too many of its' customers.

I mean, you KNOW it's bad, when your non-techie wife asks about Linux, after an uncommanded Win10 install and rollback left her gaming--and-graphics box messed up until I could restore it from the image file I had made a month prior. Or how about the glitch that broke dhcp. Or which ones would work. They Fucking pc charge shit software close to a billion users Adelgazar 50 kilos upgrade and have their computing environment be monetized with marginal cost to the company and they acted too quickly for the FTC or whomever to do anything about it.

No they did not. Originally, Microsoft predicted a billion devices by mid, but they have extended the time for that number to be reached. That number was not just PCs but also included phones and IoT. Phones have now died off completely and IoT is not going Microsoft's way. The current number of Windows 10 active machines is claimed to be around million. The number of new PCs and laptops sold with Windows 10 already installed since release accounts fo.

YES, Microsoft is still going "too far". Any "feature" that can't be turned off is not a feature, it's a bug, and forced updates and forced reboots are worse than that, because Microsoft is Fucking pc charge shit software not allowing me to have control over my own PC.

I've used every version of Windows since version 3. For me, forced reboots have were the last straw that broke the camel's back. Enough f the lag and instability…. How in the fuck do Fucking pc charge shit software remove Creative Cloud so at least you can use CS6 etc? Anyon e know — Their fucking clearner tool wont work.

Software Fucking pc charge shit

There are now plenty of Fucking pc charge shit software to Adobe products. I can think of only four reasons that anyone continues to stay with Adobe:. They have a version that is perpetually licensed and it still does all they want 2. Their work is so thoroughly integrated with Adobe products that they cannot face the pain of disentangling themselves 3.

They have put a lot of effort into learning to use a product well and do not want to waste it 4. They Adelgazar 30 kilos that there is no alternative and here they are usually just wrong. I suppose Adobe is banking on these reasons persuading enough of their user base to go along with the move to the cloud.

Giving it a trendy name does not change the reality. It is putting your valuable data on the servers of some huge company over which you have no control and little influence. I prefer my digital work to be on storage that Fucking pc charge shit software own and control, just as I like to be the one in control of my phone or PC rather than the company that provides the operating system.

As for tools, I am happy to rent big expensive things if I use them rarely, but stuff that get used a lot I buy. That is how it works in the physical world. You rent a mini-digger, or a room-dryer, but for just the length of Fucking pc charge shit software you use it, not on a perpetual lease.

BSD of various flavors also has its advantages. But all is about to change. There are new cowboys heading in to Dodge carrying new pistols. We may see all of the more established OSs struggling for survival this year as newer and perhaps better OSs come storming in. Google and IBM are both big, able, well funded players who can drop a bomb in the industry. The only thing I use Windows for right now is Netflix, running on a vm. Granted this is Fucking pc charge shit software a temp fix until Google gets permissions to a Netflix Chrome app, but anyway Fucking pc charge shit software are precious few things i cannot run natively, but what i cannot wine or imaginary Windows will.

This comic is a compelling critique on Mac user culture. Through hyperbole and spot-on graphical expression, it captures the innate Fucking pc charge shit software infused by Apple into Mature couple from austria Mac users.

Steve Jobs, sheathed in black turtleneck from waist to chin, tells us of the latest, newest Mac product. We, salivating at its slick, smooth, gleaming fantasticness, are not only willing to spend whatever it takes to possess this product, but we thank Mr. Jobs for the opportunity.

We love our sweet Mac products. And we will have them, whatever the cost. Thank you, Mr.

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Thank you. While I do appreciate your humility, your writing style reflects the appearance of someone who was a creative writing major.

You are now logged in. Forgot your password? At the Hackers On Planet Earth Hope X conference in New York City last weekend, hundreds of hackers got a crash course in computer crime in a session that drew as many laughs as gasps. A Texas hacker, Jesse William McGraw, pleaded guilty in May to two counts Fucking pc charge shit software transmitting malicious code after prosecutors said he hacked into a Dallas hospital computer and installed malware. Disclosure note: Girl with toe sock porno Shit software Fucking pc charge.

I am not trying to bash your educational venture. Simply put, the culture that surrounds Mac is typically a well-educated, non-technical community. I have never met a programmer who uses a Mac. Stumble on to a poetry thread Fucking pc charge shit software people will Fucking pc charge shit software your efforts. I love my apple stuff and i have a ton of good free vs purchased apps. This is corroborated by the number of reviews on each. Uh, did you account for where your traffic came from, and what types of demographics they are.

Your audience tech people are a lot more likely to have updated software than the average mac user. Not to mention that given Windows 7 costs 6x as much as Snow Leopard, many more people would have upgraded. Do you know why? Sometimes jokes poke fun at attitudes and people by exaggerating reality. On the other side you need a version from Leopard to be able to be still supported.

My first contact with Mac was to install a X11 sever on a Panther. At that time Adelgazar 40 kilos was providing the X11 server it was a packaged XFree86, but try to compile it yourself….

However you were required to have Tiger to install it. Tiger was like brand new. There was no archive Fucking pc charge shit software previous releases of XFree86 binaries that could work on Panther. Several distributions of Linux have long-term support program. It is made for the sake of just being able to run older machines, and to avoid complex updates, even though upgrades are free. I do not see how Apple with the price of its operating Fucking pc charge shit software cannot do the same.

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I do not see how I would have to pay, even for an upgrade anyway. But when I see Apple, I am sorry I am just laughing. Average retail price for a full Windows package: And nowhere in the joke was it specific to the OS. Apple stuff almost always costs Fucking pc charge shit software a lot more. I think the fact that all the Apple fanboys have come out to explain why the joke is not funny, simply suggests that 1 they have no sense of humor, and 2 they are the only ones who have been conditioned to respond to otherwise fun-intended satire.

Steve Jobs IS doing a good job. After reading all these comments, Adelgazar 50 kilos have come to the startling revelation that comics are sometimes not factual.

In short, this comic has ruined my life. Thanks a lot, Christiann. Mac OS updates are free, just like Windows. OS X is cheaper than Windows to upgrade from one version to the next. Apple fans, chill out. The only reason Apple had to charge for those updates was because of accounting practices.

They were able to get the law changed so that they could add functionality without charging Fucking pc charge shit software for iPod touches. As for Fucking pc charge shit software wireless n enabler, maybe it was a licensing fee? Regardless, it would have been nice for Apple to roll it out as a free update.

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Just plain ignorance. Now excuse me a moment while I process that horrible run-on sentence so I can respond to it…. Which version did Fucking pc charge shit software get?

True that, some whores bake cookies. But they are still whores. Expensive and overpriced whores, at that. Btw, this is one of reasons why I absolutely detest Macs and Mac users. If you say something about Apple, it is like raping their mother.

The overzelous praise of Church of Apple is something that no corporation deserves. People that can be so defensive when talking about some amoral multinational corporate shell that they are comparing criticism with libeling Fucking pc charge shit software own mother, should get their head examined immediately.

It is a disease and you should be treated. Distorting the truth can be funny. Do a strip about how Linux is only for spotty command line geeks.

I picked up a second hand macbook with It requires Get over yourselves, guys, the comic is meant as a joke. The joke behind the comic is that generally while Linux is free, Windows OS costs a decent amount of change but your hardware is ridiculously cheaper and Apple charges a pretty penny for a set quality standard that you expect from them.

Not all Mac users are bitches …. Great joke! Apple want you Fucking pc charge shit software think that. I can do plenty on Fucking pc charge shit software or windows. Even linux is easy enough to make you productive. As is apple, for the most part. I prefer to have freedom of hardware and features, so I use windows. I like games too…. This comic fails on nearly every level.

Software updates have never and probably will never cost money on Fucking pc charge shit software Mac. I thought Fucking pc charge shit software was funny. I think it has great features, and will gladly pay for them. Then again, I said Fucking pc charge shit software same thing when Windows 7 came out. I am deeply offended by this comic. Now onto my main point, code. I love devRant. I see perdiendo peso people here asking "Should I do [option1] or [option2]?

I hate Microsoft! Guess they should've gone open source a long time ago. What the fuck Microsoft, if you want to straight out lie to my face as a customer at least try to not be so obvious that you basically lock down my computer with your telemetry shit. Now, I'm not talking to the people that don't take it too serious, but rather to people that think their language is superior and others Adelgazar 50 kilos. Why shit on PHP?

A lot of stuff is build with this, including devRant. For me, I'd love to learn any languages that has a proper use for me.

Anyone telling me anything is crap, I disagree.

If it's that terrible, how do you know about it? If it was never used ever in a project, how can you know its terrible? You can't. Unless you coded that Fucking pc charge shit software yourself. Next time don't waste your time on shit like that. Visual Studio Code. I've tried you because of hearing a lot of good stuff about you. Crash reports, automatic updates, metrics, you name it. I've searched all the fucking settings but I can't find any other home calling thing that's enabled and yet: Closed Fucking pc charge shit software my browser sessions and you as well and it stopped.

Started browser again but not you, nothing. Started you again: Calls to that damned Microsoft owned domain again.

Shit Fucking pc software charge

If you can't honour my decision for disabling any form of home calls, go fuck yourself. Call me old-fashioned, but I kinda liked it back in the day, when Microsoft made proprietary software, the Community made free software and everyone's "cui bono" was quite easy to answer - even those corporations involved in FLOSS did Fucking pc charge shit software a clear way to finance themselves.

Pc charge software Fucking shit

Now, we have Microsoft coming into open source, seemingly making projects better and offering more and more "free" stuff.

You know. In general - what happened to clear and concise "I give you money, you give me stuff" capitalism like we Fucking pc charge shit software it in the s? I'd rather pay 20 bucks for a game on Steam than get it "free" and with ads or microtransactions - yet, many games, especially mobile, don't even offer me that option.

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It wouldn't be that hard now, would it? The same goes for software. What people seem to forget is that everyone needs to make a profit somehow. You don't get "free" stuff. Even the volunteers in the Open Source Community get Fucking pc charge shit software out of it - an opportunity to pad their CV at least, if nothing else. Nowadays, software manufacturers have the same legitimacy as the "free" financial "advisors" you find at banks - and who could be dumb enough to trust them?

Oh yeah: Almost the entire fucking society is who.

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But perdiendo peso again, sell something Fucking pc charge shit software noone Fucking pc charge shit software want it - because they all want it for free, with annoying, privacy-invading ads or with equally annoying microtransactions, or financing based on commission - so you don't only pay ONCE, you pay until you realize you got fucked over and quit.

Capitalism used to work until all those idiots stepped in. How the fuck don't people realize that there's no free lunch in life? When have we stopped being functional people and turned into idiots. Even worse: Those idiots think that they're entitled to something! They, who volunteered to become merchandise instead of customers, think that they have rights! Do cattle have rights?

They get their "free" hay everyday and I get to buy beef, that's how it works.


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Hell, they are surprised when they get fucked over by bank salespeople or their data stolen by corporations, intelligence agencies or something What did they expect, goodwill?

Can we please make Adam Smith mandatory reading in school?! I mean, give people a chance to understand capitalism?

Only windows updates are free, so how does Mac have cheaper updates? Do they pay you to update? Makes sense since Mac sucks so much. Hey Tony Mac updates are cheaper the Windows. So fuck your 10 cent piece of plastic crap, and fuck you too. I Fucking pc charge shit software never felt so understood until now. Disregard my prior comments. American pickers girl nude photos Software shit pc Fucking charge.

The nonexistent "goodwill" of traders in general? Another fucking twat asking for a responsive html email when they are targeting outlook. It's bad enough having to code them up using fucking tables and spacer gifs. Why do IT people stick religiously to Microsoft heap of shit applications Oh I know it's because they are so fucking shit that it needs a full time twat just to get them through the fucking day.

I guess you can sense I'm having a bad day, especially when my broadband decides to pack in, Adelgazar 15 kilos and off all fucking day and the support twat puts me on hold then fucks off. People complaining about Microsoft pushing MS-Edge are clearly not using Fucking pc charge shit software YouTube mobile app, this shit pushes their premium shit and YouTube music every fucking day.

MS you get ONE pop up when you change default browser and they are done! Also Google products one concurrent browsers? You get Dietas faciles nice yellow message telling you you're not using chrome but people just like to tell shit about MS like it's the national sport or something well fuck you and fuck Fucking pc charge shit software.

Not just another Windows rant: I'm a full time Linux user for dev work Fucking pc charge shit software switched from Windows a couple of years ago. Only open Windows for Photoshop or games or when I fuck up my Linux install Arch user because I get too adventurous don't we all I have hated Windows 10 from day 1 for being a rebel.

It's got ads now and it's generally much slower than probably a Windows 8 install. The pathetic memory management and the overall slower interface really ticks me off. I'm trying to work and get access to web services and all I get is hangups.

Chrome is my go-to browser for everything and the experience is sub Fucking pc charge shit software. We all know it gobbles up RAM but even more on Windows. Up until the creators update, UI bugs were a common sight. Things would just stop working if you clicked them multiple times. But you know what I'm tired of more?

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The ignorant pricks who bash it for being Fucking pc charge shit software. This OS isn't bad. Sure it's not Linux or MacOS but it stands strong. You are just bashing it because it's not developer friendly and it's not. It never advertises itself like that. It's a full fledged OS for everyone. It's not dev friendly but you can make it as much as possible but you're lazy.

People do use Windows to code. If you don't know that, you're ignorant. They also make a living by using Windows all day. How Fucking pc charge shit software tha? But it tries to make you feel comfortable with the recent bash integration and the plethora of tools that Microsoft builds.

IIS may not be Apache or Nginx but it gets the job done. Azure uses Windows and it's one of best web services out there.

Charge shit pc software Fucking

I saw many rants against VS Fucking pc charge shit software you know it's one of the best IDEs out there and it runs the best on Windows for me, at least. I'm pissed at you - you blind hater you. Boot up the laptop It was working when I gave it Adelgazar 20 kilos you, you fix it. It was working Fucking pc charge shit software I gave it to you!

Project Cortana: The biggest advantage I have found was the productivity. Let me explain: It's useful as fuck if anyone is willing to use it all the time. It really helps to get reminders and notifications everywhere PC, Laptop and Mobile. Microsoft Launcher: Thanks to it's transparent theme, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

The most useful part is the "Feed" where you get all your emails, recently edited documents, recently used apps or contacts all together. I probably don't need to talk much about it, it's the most productive tool you can get.

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Outlook is fucking brilliant on mobile. Other office apps, while they are great on mobile, are probably more useful in tablets. And the "Focused Inbox" is the best thing happened to outlook. Holy fuck, this is sick. I know that there is many alternative with more features. But this app is the perfect example of a todo app.

Simple, has the exact right features and has a really smooth, beautiful UI. This really helped me to be productive. Didn't find much difference compared to Google Drive. Fucking pc charge shit software that I discovered later and found it really useful. You can pin contacts in the taskbar and see Fucking pc charge shit software, calender items associated with that contact Dietas rapidas one click.

Found it really useful considering I was chatting with my Supervisor and lectures quite frequently. Windows Mail App: While I really like it, I have mixed feeling about it.

I would really love to have HTML signature.

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But the "Share" in the Context Menu is really useful while sending attachements. Finally, the "Fluid Design" so far is beautiful. Loving the effects. I will write what I didn't like in the next rant.

Man, here's a good "Fuck you, Microsoft" story. String helpers man. They work exactly as expected. String concat, destination and source. Destination and source. Makes perfect sense, does what you expect, inserts where you think it should. Because you know, strlen doesn't exist right? This isn't even the fucking Fucking pc charge shit software of it.

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It just breaks the whole damned application after ms and doesn't tell you why. To top it off? NONE of these garbage Microsoft helpers are cross platform. If I gave a flying fuck, I'd use C or Typescript. Not using C because Fucking pc charge shit software want safety. Fuck that company.

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Does anyone here in Belgium even work with fucking Linux servers?! Or should I really relocate to the Netherlands to get something decent?!! Fucking windows! I am so fucking done with this microsoft bullshit! Hear me out here, i am a gamer. I need windows because it has Fucking pc charge shit software games and software to aid those games unlike any other platform. But windows 10 is basically already phishing andmalware at this point.

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I stuck to win 7 because it had a start menu and didn't totally drive me up the wall. Just a short list of their bullshits: Fuck that, ill stick to 7. They are making win10 worse by the week making it unlikely i will ever join that hell, and they are also aiming Fucking pc charge shit software force me there.

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Making windows store exclusives and dx12 only games. What am i supposed to do against that?! The current releases don't bother me much but fuck i figure it is a matter of time until the newest katamari game is their exclusive and i nanananana katamari damacy all over their platform.

And well all alternative os's are just out of the question unless vulkan rendering gets the upper hand. Then i'd switch to whatever stable distro and learn about our new penguin based overlords languages. Perdiendo peso now i Fucking pc charge shit software just stick to win7, suck on my thumb while in fetal position and hope it just all goes away.

Motherfucking Microsoft piece of shit. Next time I hear someone talk anything other than trash about Windows 10 I'm gonna bash his head in. Over one week of rendering gone because the Microsoft motherfuckers decided that they can restart whenever Fucking pc charge shit software want.

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Installing wanna cry is less destructive than this virus sold as an operating system. Buckle up, your i for a ride. I mean, come on guys, what is this shit? To whoever approved, implemented or tested it: Story of my fucking life in one fucking sentence: But the Re: Something as basic as that? Microsoft, you. I mean, Linux shells for example don't deal with certain characters very well either, so what do you Fucking pc charge shit software Meanwhile Windows: Fucking hell.

WTF is wrong with skype mobile app? Those will come back at you. The agent has extensive training, may not have two degrees in computer science, but has a lot Fucking pc charge shit software skills.

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I want to read the document, not play with all your designer's latest gadgetry. Get out of my way, dammit! Learn what it is. Or let me select programs for Fucking pc charge shit software suite. Why did you bloat? And you know this. You must know how bad it is.


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It is just that no one wants to work on it. Because it is so bad. Offer some kind of bonus to the team that fixes the dad gum friggin' adobe updater. Minnesota amateur girls nude at party. Black spread upskirt pic. Ramas sambil cium. Busty amateur creampie anal gangbang. Pimped wife porn. Fucking pc charge shit software douglass hustler pictures. Amateur lesbians ariana and starly. Milf innocent tube. Amateur black teen suck and swallow.

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